Arizona Cypress

The Arizona Cypress, Cupressus arizonica var arizonica

Mature Height
40 to 50 feet
Mature Spread
25 to 35 feet
Soil Type
Widely adaptable
Drought tolerant
Mature Form
Growth Rate
Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Flower Color
Fall Color
Gray Green
Foliage Color
Gray Green

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The Arizona Cypress, Cupressus arizonica var arizonica, is a steeple shaped tree with a pale-green to gray-green color and the only cypress native to the Southwest. It is a medium sized tree 50 to 60 feet tall, and an evergreen, with a dense, upright, conical crown and smooth reddish-brown bark, that sometimes becomes fibrous with flat ridges.

Arizona cypress generally requires little maintenance. Deep watering at least every other week is necessary for desert planting during the growing season. Arizona cypress is especially susceptible to fire and needs proper protection.

Use Arizona Cypress for erosion control, windbreaks, or as a valued Christmas tree.

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